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HomeDrive offers a free 14-day full version trial for new users, which offers all of the functions from the paid version.

At anytime, you can purchase HomeDrive by clicking the "Purchase" link listed on your Dashboard. If you do not purchase HomeDrive before the trial period ends, your account will be disabled and you will no longer sync with your fileserver.

Please Note: We will not delete any data from your local machine.

To activate your HomeDrive account (convert to a paid account):

  • Login (or register first) to theCloud at 
  • Go to the "Billing Info" tab
  • On the right hand side, you will see "Automatic Account Payment" please enter your credit card details here and select "Add Card"
  • Once you have associated a credit card with your account go to the “Online Storage” tab
  • Click  the “Activate an Account” button in the HomeDrive area
  • Enter the email address of the HomeDrive account you wish to link to your account and pay for
  • Click “Activate Account” (please make a note of any alerts if the process fails)
  • Refresh the screen, if it does not do so automatically, to see the account in your list
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