Sharing a HomeDrive Folder's Contents

Kelly Jepsen -

If you wish to share the entire contents of a Folder within a Vault with an outside user (a user who is not associated with your organisation/Vault) follow these steps:


Sending a 'Folder Link' from the web-interface (

  • Create a new folder, and place the folder you wish to share inside this folder
  • Click the folder's drop-down arrow (to the right of the folder's name) and select 'FolderLink'
  • Fill out the appropriate information and ensure that 'Allow recipients to access sub-folders in this folder' is enabled (shown below)


  • Click 'Send' and this will send an email to the outside user
  • This email will then link to the folder via the web-interface where the user will see a folder
  • If they click this folder's drop-down arrow (located to the right of its name) and select 'Download as zip' this will download the folder and all of its contents to a zip file




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