Attaching an email domain to your vGRID account

Here are the steps for how to attach an email domain to your vGRID account:

  • Log in to your customer account at
  • Head over to the vGRID Exchange Mail section, and go to the Domains tab.
  • Click Add Domain and specify the domain name you want. For this example, the domain will be example.demo.

There are two ways of verifying your domain: DNS, or File.

To do DNS verification:

  • Choose DNS and click Add Domain
  • Send an email with the below information to (if we are hosting your domain), or send the details to your DNS provider to update your DNS records.
  • This update can take a while as we will have to wait for DNS TTL to expire. 
  • Once the TTL expires, the status on your domain should change from "Verification in progress" to "Verified". 

To do file verification:

File verification requires an active web server on this domain.

  • Choose File and click Add Domain

  • Add this file to the directory given on your web server, or send the file to your website host to do it for you.
  • Once the file has been uploaded, the status on your domain should change from "Verification in progress" to "Verified" within an hour.

Once you have successfully validated your domain it is very important to set up your MX and Outlook auto-discovery records as shown in the Mail Client Setup tab, or follow this article: How do I configure my DNS for vGRID Exchange Mail


 If you're having any issues or have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly support team at