Do I need to back up the data on my VM?

If you have selected one of our Managed Backup options, all of your VM data, including the operating system installation, are backed up every day by our backup systems.  The retention policy will depend on the backup service plan you have selected. In the customer portal, click on the VM you wish to edit, from the hardware tab you will see an option on the right for editing the backup solution.

 In the backup solution popup window you can see what plan is currently active and select a new plan.  Applying this change will submit a backup plan change request to the support team.

File system restores require a service request be logged with our support team (log a ticket here) and specify the following information:

  • VM Name
  • The restore point you wish to restore from (based on the date)
  • The full path to the files you wish restored (note that UNC paths or mapped folders will not have their paths preserved)

We will then upload the data to a Secure FTP container for you to download and provide you the URL of the container.

The cost for doing this restore will vary based on how long it takes to restore the data and if we have to search through the restore points or files for the specific version of files requested. The minimum charge for a restore is $37.50 (+ GST) based on 15 mins of engineering work to restore the data.

In all other cases you will be responsible for ensuring your data and configuration information is backed up.  In the case of system failure or corruption we will restore the VM to our standard deployment image.