Extend the storage drive on your Windows VM

There are two ways to extend a storage drive on your vGRID hosted VM: Via the vGRID customer portal, or vCloud Director (if you have the capability). 

Drives can be extended while the VM is powered on, however, in order to extend a drive that is greater than 2TB, the VM must first be put into a powered off state.

These two ways are detailed below: 

Increasing disk space via vGRID Customer Support: 

  • Log into your vGRID account at https://customer.vgrid.nz/
  • Navigate to the Virtual Servers section on the left bar of the page.
  • Navigate to the virtual server you want to edit, click the Settings button, and go to the Hardware tab.
  • Click the HDD that you want to extend and chose the new size that is required
    1. (eg. I want to extend HDD1 by 50gb. It is currently on 60gb. I edit the HDD size to be 110gb).
    2. Size must be increased in denominations of 10gb.
    3. Should you require further disk quota, please send us an email at support@vgrid.nz

NOTE: In order to extend a drive that is greater than 2TB, the VM must first be put into a powered off state 

Finally, you need to extend the disk's partition, this is detailed at the bottom of this article.

Increasing disk space via vCloud Director:

This process is very similar to the above. Only the first few steps are different:

  • Log into your vCloud Director web management console.
  • Click the My Cloud tab, and select the VMs section from the sidebar.
  • Right click the VM you want to edit, and select Properties.
  • Navigate to the Hardware tab
  • Under the Hard Disks section, increase the size of the HDD you want. Click OK.
  • vCloud Director will now take a short amount of time to update your VM configuration. This processing time may vary depending on the size of the disk, and the size of the space increase. If it looks to be stuck, try to refresh the page using the refresh button at the top right of the VM table. 

Finally, you need to extend the disk's partition.

Extend your disk's partition within Windows. 

  •  Log into your VM and navigate to Control Panel> Computer Management > Disk management 
  • Click the Refresh icon (shown with a red box above). You should now see the extra Unallocated space (shown with a purple box above).
  • Right click your disk's primary partition and select "Extend Volume..."
  • Click Next, then ensure the Unallocated partition is in the Selected window:
  • Click Next, then Finish.
  • Your drive has now been extended. 

If you are having any issues, or have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact our helpful support team at support@vgrid.nz