How to troubleshoot your vGRID Protect backups using Code42 app logs on your Windows PC

You can check to see which files aren't being backed up by accessing the Code42 app logs on your computer. Assuming that your operating system and programs are installed on your C drive, here is the path to your Code 42 (CrashPlan) logs folder:


Note: If you are not able to view the ProgramData folder under your C: Drive, then ensure that your that hidden folders and files can be viewed. To do this, click View and then tick the Hidden items checkbox. Hidden files and folders will now become visible, allowing you to access the folder ProgramData.


Use Notepad or Notepad ++ to open your log files in order to view your log data. Depending on your usage and the amount of data being backed up or restored, you might have more than one log file referencing the same log type, with an appended numeric value (usually higher than 0) at the end of the log file. These appended log files are basically logs with historical data and this will be evident from the time stamps in each entry.


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