How to Install vGRID Protect App on an iPhone

Before you follow the procedure below please make sure that you have the correct password. You can check that by signing into the web console of your vGRID Protect account:

Auckland Server

Hamilton Server


If you do not remember your password you can do a password reset:

Auckland Server

Hamilton Server


1. Go to App store on your iPhone

2. In the search bar type "Crashplan" without quotes

3. You will see three apps there namely:



        CrashPlan PRO

        CrashPlan PROe

 Install CrashPlan PROe


4. Once the installation completes open the app 



5. In the Server location enter the server address:


        Auckland Server:

        Hamilton Server:



6. Enter your vGRID Protect username & password and then click on Sign in.


If you have any further queries please email us at