How to restore files via the vGRID Protect Web Interface

Log into vGRID Protect web interface with your vGRID Protect registered email address and password via one of the below URLs:

   Hamilton user:

   Auckland user:


Next, in the vGRID Protect web interface, click your device name.

Click on the "Restore" button as highlighted in red circle in the screen shot below. This takes you to web restore popup window.

Select the files/folders you want to restore in the Web Restore window. Then click the "Restore" button. This takes you back to the main web interface screen.
     Example: The screen shot below is an example that shows Favorites folder (and everything within) is selected.

Click the "Click here to download" hyperlink in the lower left side of the web interface to download the restored files to your local PC. The screen shot below shows the hyperlink is highlighted in red.  




If you have any further questions or need help, please contact our support team at