How to set up the vGRID Protect desktop software

This documentation is for the current version of CrashPlan / Code42 App.

This document shows you how to install the vGRID Protect software called Code42 CrashPlan. 
You can obtain the application from the following links with your sign up email and password: 

Then navigate to App Downloads, and choose the version for your operating system. 
Once it has downloaded, run the installer to install the application. 

When you run Code42 CrashPlan for the first time it will prompt you to sign in. 
Simply enter your sign up email address into the Username field. 

Add one of the below URLs to the Server address field depending on the location:

Hamilton platform:

Auckland platform:

 Then click "Continue".

You will be prompted for your password. This is the password you entered when creating your vGRID Protect account on our customer portal.

Insert your password, and click "Continue" to sign in.


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If you have any further questions or need help, please contact our support team at