Accessing the same Document at the same time

Two or more people can access the same file at the same time. If both users change the file, by adding/removing content and saving the file, the following rules will be applied:

  • The user who first synchronizes with the central HomeDrive servers will receive a successful update notice
  • The next user to synchronize will get a conflict while synchronizing their updates
  • This user will be informed of a conflict in the system tray notification pop-up for conflicting workspace (shown below)

  • To resolve this, the user is given two options: (shown below)

    1. Rename the local version (choose this option if you have made changes to the file in conflict)
    2. Overwrite local version with the server version (choose this if you have not made any important updates to the file in conflict and would like to get the updates from the other user)

Note: If you are working on a file which was deleted and the conflict resolution window shows the server size to be 0, then the files will need to be manually deleted because you will not be allowed to rename the local and/or overwrite with the server version.