Creating and Using FileLinks

FileLink is an easy and secure way of sharing files with people who do not have access to your Vault. FileLink sends a link to a file which is stored on your Vault via email, and is a safer method than using standard email attachments. It also eliminates the worry of sending files which exceed mailbox limits.

FileLink can be used by anyone and requires no software to be installed to download the file. You control how long the file is available for, and can be notified whenever the file has been downloaded, among other customizable options shown below:

  • Get notified when someone accesses the file
  • Set number of days until the link expires
  • Set maximum number of downloads until the link expires
  • Set a password for the specified file, which is required before the file can be downloaded


 To send a file using FileLink from a locally mapped HomeDrive Vault:

  1. Open the appropriate Vault
  2. Browse to the file or folder you wish to send
  3. Right-click on the file and select "Send FolderLink" if it's a folder, or "Send FileLink" if it's a file (shown below)

  4. Fill in the necessary fields and click "Send" (shown below)

  1. Visit and login to
  2. Browse to the file you wish to send
  3. There are two methods to send a file using FileLink through the Web Interface (shown below):
    • Click on the settings cog beside the specified file and select the "FileLink" option (shown below) 
    • Alternatively, you can select the file (by clicking on it) and from here, simply click the "FileLink" button (shown below)