Transferring Ownership of a Vault

In the HomeDrive system each Vault has a single owner and may have zero or more guests. Individual guests can have specific permissions which can allow or prevent certain actions on the contents of the vault.

Sometimes, it is necessary to change the owner of a vault such as when another user takes on a new role or when a HomeDrive account is going to be removed. When trying to delete a HomeDrive user in the vGRID Customer Portal, if that user is the owner of at least 1 vault with guests on it the system will refuse to delete the account until either of the following conditions are met:

  • Guest access to the vaults is removed
  • Ownership of the vault is transferred to another user

In this article, we will discuss the second option and the method to achieve it.

Using the HomeDrive web portal

You can manage the permissions on your vaults from the HomeDrive web portal. Login here using the email address and password that you would use for logging into the HomeDrive client on desktop. If you do not remember your password, you can also reset it from here.

Once logged in you will see a list of all the vaults that you have access to in a sidebar to the left. Those marked with a key icon are ones for which you are the owner/admin.

In this example, we are going to transfer ownership of the "Personal" vault to another user. First, click the "Users & Permissions" link under the vault. Under this screen, you should see the "Change Vault Admin" button as underlined in the below screenshot.

This will open a prompt which will ask you which account you want to transfer ownership to. As mentioned in the dialog, this user must be an existing HomeDrive user with a valid license, otherwise the ownership transfer will fail.

This will trigger an email to be sent to the new owner with a link in it. The new owner must click this link in order to complete the transfer process. NOTE: The transfer will not take place until the new user clicks the link and accepts the new vault and ownership will remain with the existing user.

The email sent to the new owner will appear as follows: