Vault Invitations

This situation arises when someone who uses HomeDrive would like to share files with you on their HomeDrive Vault. By clicking the link and accepting the invitation you will be able to easily manage, edit, share and synchronize all of your documents effortlessly and securely across the company's boundaries. 

  • If you are an  existing HomeDrive user:
    1. Click on the link in your invitation email
    2. Within 5 minutes a HomeDrive popup notifier will display in the bottom right hand corner of your screen
    3. Click on the notifier and begin importing the files
  • If you are a new user to HomeDrive:
    1. Click on the link in your invitation email
    2. A new window will be displayed, asking you to fill out your account information
    3. After creating a password, click "OK"
    4. Download and install the HomeDrive client software
    5. Enter the email address which you recieved the invitation on, and the password you set earlier
    6. You will now have access to the files