Manage Virtual Machine Snapshots in Customer Portal

Log into your vGRID account at

Select Virtual Servers in the left side of panel, then select the Virtual Machine you wish to manage by clicking on the Settings button.

In General Tab, click the Manage Snapshots button

From here, you can manage the snapshot of the Virtual Machine

1. To create new snapshot straight away, click on the Create button

2. To schedule a snapshot to be taken, click on Schedule button. Then enter a schedule ID, select the date and time that you want the snapshot to be taken, and click the Create button

3. To revert or rollback to the snapshot, click on the Revert button

  When reverting a snapshot, the virtual machine will be power off and will need to powered back on manually

4. To remove the snapshot, click on the Remove button

  Snapshots will be automatically removed after 4 days.