Updating the hardware of a VM in vGRID

You can do this via the vGRID Customer Portal. Just login and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the "Virtual servers" section
  2. Shut down the VM via within the OS (Alternatively, via "Options > Clean Shutdown")
  3. Once it has finished shutting down, click the "Settings" button of the VM you want to update and go to the "Hardware tab"
  4. Update your settings as required, then click "Save"
  5. Once that has finished processing, power on the VM again. 

Note: To update memory and/or CPU, the VM needs to be in a powered off state. HDD extensions can be done while the VM is running, but if the HDD is 2TB or above the VM needs to be powered off.

If you're having issues, or have any questions, please contact our friendly support team at support@vgrid.nz