Deploy Veeam Agent for Windows

To deploy Veeam Agent for Windows, you will need to have a vGRID Cloud Connect account and deploy Veeam Management Agent on the server you wish to deploy to.

Step 1: Provision Cloud Connect Storage

Log into the vGRID Customer Portal (Partners can access via the Partner Portal).

Go to vGRID Storage Services menu and then click on vGRID Cloud Connect

​Select the location that Cloud Connect Repository will be kept - either Hamilton or Auckland

Select your required quota blocks

Tick this box to confirm that you wish to process and then click Submit Request button

** an email will then be sent to the logged in user containing your login information (location URL, User Name and Password).

Step 2: Deploying a Veeam Management Agent

A 'Veeam Management Agent' is required to enable the deployment of the 'Veeam Agent for Windows' software and monitoring/management via the Veeam Service Provider Console Portal (VSPC).  Generally this software is installed on the same server that you want the Veeam Agent to be deployed to.  But you can deploy this to onto another server within your local network, that will be used as a proxy for deploying the Veeam Agent for Windows backup application.

1.  Connect to the Veeam Service Provider Console Portal in the same location as your vGRID Cloud Connect Repository

2.  Login details for the portal are: ‘Company name’ \ ‘User name’

For simplicity, the default company name is the same as your user name.  And the primary user name is the one supplied when you created your Cloud Connect Repository

  • eg\
  • The password is the one that was supplied for the vGRID Cloud Connect repository
    OPTIONAL: Once you have logged in, you are able to create additional portal users and sub-tenant accounts (if required).
  • Click on Configuration (top right hand corner)
  • Click on Portal Users menu option
  • Click + New button and create the new user.

3. Go to Managed Computers and click the 'Download Agent' button - this is the Veeam Management Agent.

4. Install the management agent on the server you wish to deploy Veeam Agent for Windows on (or a different local server or PC) and then run the application.

Step 3: Connect Veeam Management Agent

Open the console and enter the following information:

  • URL = (for Auckland) or (for Hamilton)
  • Port = 6180
  • User Name = The user name for the account
  • Password = The password for the account
  • Click Apply and yes to restart the service.
    The status should change to Connected on the Management agent and should also appear in the portal.

Step 4: Install Veeam Agent for Windows client

In the Veeam Service Provider Console portal, under Managed Computers > Discovered Computers

  • Tick the VM and then click "Install Backup Agent..." button
  • On the popup, select the option "The following user...." and press the "+ Create New" button and enter account details that has admin rights
  • Change the backup policy to either Entire server or none (you can create / edit the backup policy later)
  • Turn off “Enable read only UI….” if you would like to be able to adjust setting from the installed Agent
  • Click apply and wait for it to install.

The Veeam Agent for Windows application and will then be installed on the server and the backup policy will be applied if you selected one.

Managing the Veeam Agent backup job(s)

  • Go to the Backup Job tab
  • You can create a new backup job by selecting the Server and click the + Create Job button
  • To manage existing job / see restore points, click on the Successful jobs link



If you require further assistance, please contact our Service Desk by emailing