vGRID Hybrid Edge 40 Recovery

Your "vGRID Hybrid Field Restore Kit" contains the required components for replacing the OS drive of the vGRID Hybrid Edge 40 Appliance and recovering it from backup.


Step 01:

Replace the OS Drive


Step 02:

Boot from USB by pressing F11 on start up

Step 03:

Once the Recover Environment has booted, click on the Tools option

Step 04:

Click on Command Prompt option and type in 'regedit'.  Once registry editor has opened, click File > Import.  Browse to the USB Key > Restore-Registry folder.  Select RegistryKey.reg and click OK

Close the Registry Editor and Command Prompt windows.

Step 05:

Click on the Load Driver option.  Click browse and navigate to USB Key > Restore-Network folder.  Select the .inf file and click OK

Untick the Inject driver... option and then click OK.

Once completed, you will receive a popup that you need to reboot.  Click OK

Step 06:

Exit the Tools section and when back on the main menu, click on Bare Metal Recovery.

Step 07:

Select Network & click next

Step 08:

Click on the link Configure network settings

Step 09:

Highlight Ethernet and click the Properties button

Enter the network settings for your Hybrid Edge (WAN port)

Step 10:

Select Veeam Cloud Connect repository and click next

Step 11:

Enter the vGRID Cloud Connect server



Click Next

Step 12:

The server will connect and validate the SSL certificate.

Once SSL has validated, you will need to enter your Cloud Connect credentials.

If this does not occur, then there is an issue with the networking.  Please contact vGRID Support.

Click Next

Step 13:

Select the Backup job that you wish to restore from

Step 14:

Select the Restore point that you wish to restore from.

Step 15:

Select your Restore mode

Step 16:

Review the Summary page, then click Start to begin the restore.

Step 17:

Once completed, remove the USB key and reboot server.



Please contact our support staff by emailing for any further queries.