vGRID Protect - FAQ


Q.  What happens if I change my computer name

If you change your local computer name, the Code42 application will continue to backup without issue as expected, however the device name will not change within the application until you update it. Device names can be changed via the settings menu of the device.

Q.  What happens if I rename a folder or file

Your backups will be kept as usual, however, if you want to restore from a revision before the name change you will need to find the file/folder under its previous name.

Q.  What happens with I deselect a file?

Deselecting files from your backup selection immediately deletes those files and all versions of those files from your backup. New versions will not be backed up.

Q.  Is there an option to verify the backup?

File verification on your backups is automatically done daily, however you can manually verify your file selection by following the steps in this article: Manually verify your vGRID Protect file selection

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Q.  What is the Standard encryption?

The vGRID Protect service uses SSL encryption for all communication and data is encrypted and stored on our servers using a generated user level key.  Anyone with permission can access this archive.  In addition to this it is possible for the user to specify a higher level of encryption with their own key.  In this circumstance only the user can recover data with the key used to encrypt.  While this provides the highest level of protection it is important to note that we cannot recover data if the key is lost.  We have no method to access data when this higher level encryption is applied.

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