What hardware specifications does my VM run on?

vGRID uses Hewlett Packard (HP) hardware to deliver their Virtual Machine (VM) Cloud services. As vGRID enforces a constant refresh cycle, the production clusters are always using up to date technology. For example all compute nodes are currently HP Proliant Gen8 and Gen9.

Each VM Host Server has the following features:

  • Current Intel Xeon multi-core CPU's
  • 256 Gigabytes of RAM
  • HP Flex - Dual 10 and 20 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
  • Multi-path Fibre Channel access to our 3PAR SAN environments

vGRID runs large numbers of Host servers in clustered configurations to provide high availability (HA) and resilience (DRS) for maintenance purposes.  All platforms operate in "HA" mode meaning the system will not allow over-subscription - by keeping the equivalent of a full server node free (per cluster) at all times means a server node can fail without impacting the performance of the platform.