What is the backup retention policy for Virtual Servers?

You can select from three backup options for Virtual Servers hosted with vGRID.  They are None, Basic or Premium. 

None is very self explanatory, we perform no backup of your Virtual Server at all and therefore 100% of your data is at risk.  In the case of a full failure or data loss you would need to provision a new Virtual Server from one of our templates and/or upload the data from your own archives.

Basic level backup is a daily backup of your Virtual Server to dedicated disk storage within the same data center location as your Virtual Server.  This is a full backup and we can restore individual files or a full Virtual Server image.  We keep 14 days of these daily backups in rotation, so on the 15th day the 1st day is removed and so on.

Premium level backup provides all the features of the base level backup plus also adds an off-site storage component.  We take the full backup image run on the weekend and store this off-site.  These backups are stored off-site for 12 weeks.  Please note this backup stored off-site is for a single day not for the full weeks worth of backups.

So restoration granularity for each level is as follows:

None: no restoration possible

Basic: daily backups for the last 14 days held on-site

Premium: daily backups for the last 14 days held on-site plus weekly backups for last 12 weeks held off-site